Print advertising

Print advertising is widely used in all sectors of business. It generally involves the printing of advertising elements on paper or other media. Print advertising has two categories: Digital and Offset printing. The difference between Digital and Offset printing is in the printing technology.

Different types of printers are used for digital printing. Printing is done with toner or ink. The advantage of digital printing is fast printing and the possibility of small runs.

Offset printing is used for printing large runs. The advantage of offset printing is the printing of large quantities (circulations), at low cost.

We at Taurus Design can offer you and your business a high level of quality and design for your advertising materials. The printing base is equipped with new and high quality machines, for high productivity and quality. We have a full range of finishing services, including varnishing, creasing, folding, lamination, sewing, binding and more.

Our designers will make sure that your advertising materials have an identity and high quality. The company has professional equipment for photography, as well as a studio. If necessary, we work with some of the best photographers who will be happy to capture the products of your company or your models.

Professionals trust professionals!