Дигитален маркетинг

For those of you who want their business to move forward confidently and reach your target audience quickly.

Online reputation

Creating a good corporate image in the Internet space. Professional creation of Google campaigns and commercials. Assistance with negative opinions on the Internet, digital PR campaigns and activities, creating a positive corporate profile in various networks and forums.

Support of pages in social networks

Professional construction and daily maintenance of company pages in social networks. Creating campaigns and building a "social name" for the company. Conducting creative advertising campaigns, thematic games, surveys, etc.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing, or online marketing, are advertising and marketing practices that use the Internet and e-mail for direct sales, through e-commerce, websites or emails.

Link Building

One of the most effective methods for achieving fast marketing results and good ranking of new and already established sites. A team of professionals takes care of providing links to increase visitor traffic to your products and services.