Infopoint Bulgaria is a unit of Taurus Design EOOD, dealing with design and construction of tourist digital information centers.

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Purpose of the facilities

The tourist info centers offer a solution for shortening the connection between the tourists/clients and the companies offering services on the territory of different resorts and other points related to a large flow of people as well as receiving a lot of information about different destinations and points of the country. Customers will feel a new kind of independence and will be able to choose from which company to rent a car, call a taxi, book a hotel or make a reservation in a restaurant, the clients will be able to receive extensive information about varius tourist destinations, local sightings etc. Info points can be located in different public places and this way the access is unrestricted. Tourists will be welcomed as best as possible and will have the opportunity to receive the full information needed for their stay and the planning of their vacation or trip.

Possible applications:

  • Orientation for the location of important tourist sites and landmarks
  • Viewing presentations of retail outlets located near the place
  • Making reservations in hootels, restaurants, nightclubs etc.
  • Car rental
  • Booking of additional excursions and services
  • Information on flight and bus schedules
  • Internet acces
  • Electronic billboards and advertising
  • Travel Information
  • Self-checkout (airports, stations…)

Virtual information centers can be very important and highly valued by tourists and the people who visit Bulgaria without a planned vacation. When receiving information through the info points, less time is lost and the costs of tourists arriving and vacationing in Bulgaria are reduced.

Some advantages:

  • Direct contact between customers and the company that’s providing the service
  • The terminals provide the exact information the customers are looking for
  • Checking of reservations or renting a car is faster


The infopoints are stylish temporary facilities with a modern design and an Ac room. The indoor terminals consist of the latest computer configuration equipped with a 25’’/35’’ TOUCH SCREEN monitor. The system works with specially developed web-based or offline software, which has an extremely easy and intuitive interface. The information can be multilingual, with an unlimited number of languages. The system is equipped with an UPS which guarantees constant operation of the facility even in the temporary absence of power supply. The software has a unique and rich functionality. It can contain complete ingormation about the resort/city and municipality, rich information about the sites located on its territory, such as opening hours, types of exhibitions, etc., tourist routes, accomodations, places to eat, description of different types of attractions, maps of the city, the surrounding area , tourist centers, etc. The information sets van also acontain information useful in case of emergency, such as emergency care, medical centers, hospitals, offices of insurance companies, police, fire department and others. Photos, maps, GPS coordinates and positioning, movies, videos etc. can be added to the information published in the information system. The aim is for the tourist to receive complete and accurate information about the places, attractions or routes he is interested in.

On all visible walls of the info center can be mounted additional large screens to display highlights for upcoming events, information about certain sites, landscapes of the city and region, current forecast, the situation in ski or summer centers, the situation in the mountains or on the beach, advertising, etc.

The rest of the visible part of the info center can be branded with a portfolio, again showing key sites from the city and the region, photos and more.

Additional features:

In addidtion to access to information, such facilities bring with them additional features such as:

Free WIFI for tourists in the region of the info centers. This is a feature especially appreciated by foreigners who do not have Bulgarian telecommunication network cards and hence to the internet. The access to the internet is carried out with the help of a powerful router, on which certain restrictions are set during the sessions, restricting the access to sites with torrents and other programs and movies that require a large internet resource. Our software has the ability to promote certain events through a mandatory POP UP window, which leads to the fact that anyone wishing to use the free internet must see the presentation of the event or site.

LED scrolling massage display – In the upper part of all visible walls it is possible to install LED displays, in which can be visualized important information, like forecast at the time, lavanche situation, sea level, coordinates and work time of museums, the manicapulity and other important points. The displays can also visualize invitations for upcoming events, coordinates and addresses of hotels, restaurants and other attractions wishing to advertise in such places.

LIVE CAM – because of its strategical location, on top of the info centers its possible to be mounted cameras showing in real time the situation in the city. The connection can be free as well as to be cripted and the access to the link to be limited only to be used by official sites of the city as well as organisations and firms that have received a permission for use.

ATM – on the inside of the facility can be positioned an ATM machine that will be of a great use for tourists or guests of the city.

Billing machine - in the tourist information center can be located a device for paying current bills. Any tourist or guest of the city who forgot to pay his electricity or telephone bill will appreciate the opportunity to do so without difficulty and loss of time in search of the company's office and compliance with its working hours.

Access control – In the infocenter can be installed an electric controlled lock and that way can be controlled the access to it in certain times. For example, during the night, when the possibility of vandalism is much greater than during day light.

Technical characteristics and necessary resources

Occupied area 4- 7 sq.m.

Power supply - single-phase 220 V

Communications - two lines of access by cable or optics to the Internet with a minimum speed of 30,000 kbps


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