In order to be as useful as possible for our current and future partners, and to save your time, we have created an online portal - - a specialized portal for promoters, hostesses and advertisers.

At a time of dynamic market changes, many companies have realized the power of promotions. Promotion is an activity performed by promoters, with the goal to present a product or service in the best and most effective way. Promoters are attractive women, men or children who make a direct connection with the end customer and encourage him to try or buy a new or already established product in order to be convinced of its positive qualities. Simply put, the promoters are the people in the ads, in the shops, on the street or in the mall, who urge us to try or look at a certain product or service.

Taurus Design Advertising Agency has a selected team of qualified promoters. You can choose the best for you and your business. We can give professional advice individually promotions to organize in full, and this will have a lot of nerves and time of your or your team. The company does not work actively with all large tissue chains, gas stations and shopping centers.

Due to the variety of services provided by our company, we can assist you with the activities accompanying the promotions, production of presentation and advertising materials, production of stands, production of work wear of the promotional team. In each of our promotions, a serious control is performed regarding the quality of the service, which guarantees the highest possible results.

Promote your goods with us - trust the professionalism and the established team!